Big Easy or Back To Duke?

Zion Williamson is probably going to be the number one pick in the upcoming 2019 NBA draft. As  I was watching the draft lottery selection show, I noticed that many of the players in the upcoming draft were in attendance. Which was new. I can’t remember another time where the players were actually in attendance for the lottery. Yet another reason why these kids aren’t really student-athletes.

As I watched the players, as well as the rest of the NBA  world got a few surprises. Like the New Orleans Pelicans will have the #1 pick in the draft, after having a 6% chance of getting the pick.  When you watch Zion’s face, he doesn’t look pleased at all. Because everyone knows he wanted to go to the New York Knicks. I mean who wouldn’t want to play in the Big Apple, at historic Madison Square Garden, in front of thousands of die heart Knicks fans and Spike Lee!  There were even rumors that said Zion would consider returning back to Duke for another year. His father has since come out and dispelled some of those rumors. This timing is funny because we are about a month away from the draft and Zion doesn’t have an agent yet. Don’t know if it is a sign or not. But what I do know is this, if Zion stays in the draft will likely be the highest paid rookie ever. Between his future NBA rookie contract, along with his shoe deal, he should surpass the millions that  King Lebron James made at the same age of 18. Good luck Zion, you will need it.

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