We Should Not Apologize for Winning…

By Malik Carey

Every four years, the world comes together for the Women’s Soccer World Cup. In the Cup, the top soccer players from each country respectively, get to represent their beloved country on the biggest stage. The 2019 Women’s Soccer World Cup is taking place in Paris, France. This year, the United States Women’s Soccer team is one of the heavy favorites to win this year’s World Cup. So far, the United States has been very dominate in the cup. Game one was a 13-0 slaughtering of Thailand. The American women faced an extreme amount of backlash for their performance against Thailand. People were outraged because the American’s were celebrating after each and every goal they scored. The question that comes to mind is this wrong to do?

            Winning is the only option when it comes to playing a sport. These ladies are the best soccer players in the entire United States. If they want to celebrate a slaughtering of the best players from another country, then it’s their right to do so. The American women played against the best players from Thailand, it is not their fault that the USA possesses more talent. 13-0 to me, is a statement showing that it is everyone else’s job to get better. The next game, the US women changed their lineup around to only crush Chile 3-0 after receiving backlash. I think this is wrong of them. They should continue to slaughter all the weaker, less talented teams because this is a business. A business will do the best they can to be the best business possible. The United States Women’s National Team should continue to dominate.

            We are getting a lot softer when it comes to playing sports. If you have a weak natured soul, and don’t like people celebrate winning, then you should find a new hobby. Never apologize for winning. It is everyone else’s job to get better. Ladies and Gentleman, this is sports and the objective is to win.

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