For the Love of Sports: NFL Draft 2019

The NFL Draft is held annually during the last weekend in April. During the draft, the top college football players hear their names called on the stage by NFL Commissioner, Roger Goddell. Names such as Kyler Murray, Quinnen Williams, Jonah Williams, DK Metcalf and Dwayne Haskins heard their names called while also seeing their dreams come true. This year 2019 NFL Draft was held in Nashville, Tennessee. Personally, the best part about the 2019 NFL Draft was that I was able to attend the draft as a birthday present from my girlfriend. At first, I thought it was a joke, I was like “man we ain’t going to no NFL Draft”. Sure enough, I saw the hotel reservations and the proposed itinerary and I was very shook.

            The NFL Draft was such a great experience overall. I actually arrived on Friday around 2pm CST, about four hours before day two of the draft kicked off. Upon arriving to Lower Broadway where this enormous stage was constructed, the excitement that instilled upon me is something that can’t ultimately be put in words. Since we got there a little early, it was the perfect time to walk down Lower Broadway to hit a few bars up. There were so many Cowboys fans which immediately put me in the best mood. America’s team travels in full force! Since the draft took place in Nashville, the home of the Tennessee Titans, it was astonishing to see so many Cowboys fans. When Day Two started, it was packed with fans all across the United States and there was of course country music, beer, hot chicken and a fast paced lifestyle in which Nashville brings to people who visit.

            Day 2- Lasted about five hours and we were there for all of the picks that happened. Another great part of day two was seeing Oshane Ximines, a friend of mine whom I went to ODU with, get drafted in the Third Round to the New York Giants. I thought it was a great experience to see a friend get drafted even if it’s to a rival team. Seeing the players walk up to the stage was also a very memorable experience because I got to see so many pro athletes at one setting. When the PA announcer came across the microphone and said, “the 2019 NFL Draft has set a record for attendance, 600,000 people!”. I was astonished because I knew that I had been a part of that experience and that Nashville shattered the NFL Draft attendance record.

            Day 3- This time I walked over to the NFL Draft experience where I was able to take a picture with the Super Bowl Trophy, take pictures with my favorite teams helmet, visit the college football hall of fame and play some of the virtual games they had. Out of 600,000 people, 40 people and myself were picked to be VIP where I was literally 20 feet away from the players and the stage. I thought it was very cool and unique to have VIP access to the NFL Draft Stage and talk to/see the players. Overall, the NFL Draft was one of the best experiences of my life and if everything goes right, I’ll see Las Vegas April 2020 for the next NFL Draft and of course, to celebrate my 24th birthday. However as far as the 2019 NFL Draft goes, Nashville, y’all sure know how to give a grand ‘ol time.

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