World Series 2019

Baseball has continued to be America’s sport since the late 1800’s. We call it, the American pastime. Not only is baseball a historic sport for the United States, it is a difficult, long and grueling game. These teams play 162 regular season games plus the playoffs all for the fight to crown a champion for the respective year. The championship series is called, the World Series. The matchup for the 2019 World Series will be highly competitive and also one that brings history as well as controversy.

            The 2019 World Series will be between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros. This is not only the first time that these two teams have matched up in the World Series, but it is also the first appearance for the Washington Nationals’ franchise. The Nationals were once the Montreal Expos before they moved to Washington, DC in 2005. The franchise has not historically been the best, however, things are looking exceptionally well in Washington, DC. The Nationals will represent the National League in the World Series while the American League Pennant Winners, the Houston Astros, will represent their league.

            The Astros open as heavy favorites against the Nationals with a historically good pitching rotation. Virginia native, Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole and high-heat fastballer Zach Greinke foster one of the best three-man rotation lineups in MLB history. The Nationals rotation is headlined by exceptionally talented pitcher Stephen Strasburg as well as Max Scherzer. Baseball is a pitcher’s game and these matchups will dictate who wins this series. The Astros are seeking their second World Series title in three years, while the Nationals vie for their first in history. The Astros own home field advantage because they owned the league’s best record with 107 wins and 55 losses. The Fall Classic is here ladies and gentleman. This is the grand finale and we have a good one brewing, after three games with the Nats leading the way. My bet, the Astros in 6.

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