Is Russell Wilson the Tim Duncan of Football?

Have you ever wondered why certain athletes are quiet stay to themselves and don’t have drama around them?  I have always wondered what goes through their minds from day in and day out.  What makes them who they are?  Two athletes that come to mind are Tim Duncan and Russell Wilson.  These two athletes have played and are playing at the top of their games, respectfully Tim Duncan has been retired for a few years now and he is considered the best Power Forward to ever lace up a pair basketball sneakers. He is also a first ballot Hall of Famer.  Russell is still playing, he has been to two Super bowls, winning one and this season he is playing at a MVP level I think he is probably leading the race to date.  Their numbers and elite status are not why I’m writing about these two stellar athletes, in many ways these two athletes are considered to be elite but boring athletes in their own right.  Don’t get me wrong, by no means am I downgrading them or disrespecting them.  When I say they are boring I mean there isn’t ever really any drama, negative light or derogatory news about these two.   To be honest that is really a great thing, we need more athletes like these two, they represent best of athletes. They sportsmanship and humility without the extra flare.   The only things I have ever heard about Tim Duncan was best Power Forward to play the game, loves McDonald and is very quiet. He is also a great swimmer since that was his first sport. Russell Wilson is similar, no negative drama, no excitement, stay to his family and himself.  He was also drafted to play baseball.  He made a big splash by marrying Ciara.  And he has been an amazing father to Future Jr and their little girl Sienna.  Both can honestly be considered the have lackluster and boring personalities.  Why are these qualities considered less than? I think it’s because we live in a world that thrives off drama, feeds off negativity and fiends for degradation. Odell Beckham Jr, Kevin Durant and Antonio Brown, all comes to mind when we think of clout chasers who seek the limelight.  Yes, Russell Wilson is the football version of Tim Duncan. Honestly is there anything really wrong with that?  If you need someone to look up to, find someone that stays out drama, doesn’t bring negativity and stays to their family and them self.

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